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Room for Daisies: A horror movie trailer:a frat boy and his girlfriend are vacationing...


A horror movie trailer:

a frat boy and his girlfriend are vacationing on a beach in the deep south. after some late-night swimming they find that they can’t relocate their motel, and end up in a small farmhouse.

it seems to be abandoned, inside they find an aged photo of a man and a woman who appear to be engaged at the time. cue weird, creaky noises. 

fade to black, tagline: [He brought disaster wherever he went….]

suddenly, the shack starts to get really cold, like a midwinter storm, a flash of lightning! a skeletal man smiles at them from the window, there’s the sound of a gun loading

the boy shouts, “where did he come from?”

another flash of lighting, everything goes dark again. the wind howls. the skeletal man is gone.

the girl shrieks, “where did he GO?”

the screen fades to black, and the movie title appears on the screen:

C O T T O N - E Y E  J O E

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